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Swifin makes cashless payments simple, accessible and affordable.


Make and receive payments online. Suitable for businesses with more complex payment requirements such as payroll, bulk direct aid delivery and provision of agency banking services.


Make and receive payments using the Mobile App by entering payer/payee details or scanning a QR Code to execute direct payments, payment requests and process vouchers.


Make and receive payments via sms on any mobile phone on any network. Send one SMS to make or request payments by using any basic mobile phone with SMS capability.

QR Code

Make and receive payments by scanning a QR Code. Only one party needs to have a Smart phone such a Merchant or Agent for both parties to make and receive payments.

A multi-channel payment exchange to serve businesses and individuals.

So you can make and receive payments at your convenience through a global exchange capable of reaching the last mile with QR Code and sms payments built-in to work across all mobile networks and drive financial inclusion.

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Onboarding of businesses and individuals is simple and fast.

Whether you are an Individual or a Business looking to bulk register thousands of users at once, we have you covered with our bulk registration service to get you going quickly on bulk disbursements.

Every journey with Swifin begins with a simple registration step. Install the Swifin App now and register a new user to start a conversation to map out your journey with Swifin.

Make real time payments in GBPX or local currency of choice

GBPX is the platform integrated digital currency linked to GBP and used for cost effective real time international payments.

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  • Monitor accounts

    View your transactions and other accounts in one place

  • Make payments

    Make payments in GBPX or a local currency of your choice real time

  • Receive payments

    Receive payments in GBPX or a local currency of your choice

  • Request payments

    Request payments from other users and get paid securely

  • Manage vouchers

    Redeem or buy voucher to send pay for goods and services

  • Display QR Code

    Other users can scan your QR Code to make payments to you to be paid.

  • Buy goods and services

    Redeem vouchers as a way to receive payments from the bearer.

  • Manage preferences

    Manage preference including payment flow and activate mobiles.

  • GBPX to local currency

    GBPX is linked to GBP. It is the digital currency for international payments.

  • Upload KYC data

    Now you take pictures of your ID from the App for KYC.

Add funds at UK Post Offices with PiPiT

Add funds via Bank transfer

In the UK, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Zambia, Zimbabwe and other Countries subject to service availability.

To add funds at a UK Post Office you will need to generate a topup voucher, print it (or display on your phone) and take it to any UK post office branch and pay over the counter. You must have a Swifin account to use this service.

Generate a Post Office topup voucher

Swifin App works on a real time payment Network to deliver local and international real time payments for individuals and businesses.


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