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Key Features

There are no other players like Swifin in the market. Swifin combines both the security afforded by a traditional bank with the accessibility of mobile-enabled technology to bring banking services wherever you are.

Money is held in a Swifin account is backed by a bank. Swifin, unlike the mobile money operators, is indirectly regulated by the Central Bank.

Free registration, no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum balance. Transaction fee apply but Swifin has no affiliations to any mobile network operators, allowing you to send cross-network payments at the same charge.

Sign up online or download the Swifin app on iOs or Play Store or visit any of your nearest Swifin agent together with a copy of your National ID.


Manage your payments and banking services needs more effectively

Manage your payroll digitally

Pay and receive payments from your unbanked customers wherever they are

Grow your eCommerce with your unbanked customers

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