Secure Emails

With the Swifin mailbox service you will no longer miss vital emails from any Swifin Platform services. Receiving transaction emails in a timely fashion means you can be informed quickly so that you can take action promptly.

No monthly Fee

There is no monthly fee to pay for standard email address.

No annual Fee

There is no annual fee to pay for standard email address.

Secure and vetted

Individually created, assigned and activated for you.

Help available 24/7

Get help when you need it 24/7 via global support team.

Password support

Help with password reset to mailbox 24/7.

Instant email delivery

Avoid delays and other email delivery problems.

More useful information and key benefits

We have done our research and discovered that third-party email providers can delay the delivery of vital transactions messages.

In some cases the messages are blocked completly and therefore never delivered.

This means that if you need to reset your password to any of your Swifin service accounts, you will never be able to do it. This is because our systems and support team members can only trigger the delivery of password reset instructions to your secure email address for your own peace of mind.

This means disruption to your services. So we had to find a solution to prevent any delays and failures in deivering important messages to you when you need it.

The solution to the problem delayed and undelivered emails is to create a more reliable email service dedicated for exclusive use by community members.

This will ensure that members do not miss vital communication which may be criticall to their transactions and use of Swifin related services at all times.

There is no monthly cost. There is no annual cost.

The only fee you pay is to enable the mailbox to be setup, assigned and activated for you in standard format.  The standard format requires that your email address will be as follows: [email protected] and subject to verification against the KYC information you submit via your Transact Account.

The setup fee for the standard format depends on how you acquire your mailbox. If you acquire your mailbox directly from the Swifin online shop you will have to pay USD3.0.  If you do not have a bank card and need to acquire your mailbox via a broker then the max fee the broker is allowed to charge is USD2.0. The broker can bulk buy a minimum of 10 mailboxes at USD1.0 per mailbox.

If you get your mailbox via a broker you need to the following for your mailbox to be activated;

1. Create your Transact Account a submit your KYC;

2. Give your first name and last name to the broker as it appears on the ID you submitted on Transact.

3. The broker will submit the request to activate your mailbox. Once submitted please wait for the information to be matched with your KYC and for the mailbox to be created, assigned and activated for you. Once activated you will be informed via Swifin Connect messaging service. 

If you require a custom email address which is different from the standrad format then there is an annual maintenance fee of USD5.0. To acces this product you have to subscribe to the custom mailbox service whcih is only individually available on the Swifin online shop. 

Complete peace of mind with a safe and secure solution to delayed and undeliverd transaction emails. 


What if I do not have a bank card to buy online from Swifin shop?

You can buy your mailbox from a broker who is able to buy in bulk online. The broker can buy a minimum of 10 mailboxes at the discounted price of USD1.0 per mailbox and can charge you upto a maximum of USD2.0.

Those who buy directly from the Swifin online shop can only pay with a Bank card and each individual mailbox will cost USD3.0. So it is cheaper for you to buy from a broker.

What happens if I forget the password to my Swifin Mailbox?

The Swifin Support team made up of Community members from around the world are available 24/7 to assist you. You have to submit a Support Ticket on Swifin Connect and wait for the Support team to handle your request.

The support Team will be able to assist you with resetting the password to your mailbox so that you can regain access. Any update regarding your ticket will be posted as a reply to your original support ticket so please remember to login and check regularly for any update.

Can I bulk buy mailboxes and sell to other community members?

Yes you can bulk buy mailboxes and sell to other Community members subject to the following restrictions;

1. You will have to buy a minimum of 10 mailboxes in a single order and pay USD 1.0 per mailbox.

2. You have to have a Swifin maibox yourself and know how to use it so that you can support and assist others near you. This means that when you place your first bulk order and do not already have a Swifin mailbox then one of the mailboxes in your first order will be assigned to you.

3. You are not allowed to sell mailboxes to others above the published retail price which is currently USD 2.0.

4. For each mailbox you sell you will only pay Swifin the prevailing bulk order price which is currently USD1.0 per mailbox for bulk orders. A bulk order is any order with a minimum of 10 mailboxes.

5. You have to submit a list of names to be activated and each mailbox will only be activated if the member has validated KYC profile on Transact.

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