The Connect community is the inclusive meeting place. It is an interactive and transactional hub where connections are made and business is transacted. This makes Connect one of the largest financial inclusion communities in the world.

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There are over 1.7 Billion people worldwide who are excluded from the modern digital economy.

Within Continental Africa with its 54 Countries and over 40 Currencies, over 90% of the population in some Countries is excluded. 

Financial exclusion is a huge impediment to trade, exclusion reduces active participation in the real economy and the result is unemployment, abject poverty and misery for millions of people who are adversely affected by this global and ongoing daily crisis. 

We can address this crisis by bringing individuals, businesses and States together into a real time transaction ecosystem with a common benchmark for real time value exchange for the good of all humanity.

You are part of this solution as a member of the global human family.


You are part of the global solution. The fact that you are reading this upto this point means you are ready to learn how to unlock the potential in you to bring impactful change for the good of all humanity.

Connect brings together individuals, businesses and States into a purposeful community that drives real time transactions and delivers equitable access with a common benchmark for value exchange to eradicate exclusion and generational poverty for the good of all humanity.

The solution to exclusion is to deliver equitable and real transactional access to drive active participation in the real economy for all.

That’s why we are 100% dedicated to visioning, designing and implementing financial inclusion technology of the future today. Join now and add your voice to millions who are committed to bringing change in our time for the good of all humanity. 

There is no monthly cost. There is no annual cost.

There are 4 key Community tools you will need to access and participate.

These include;

1. A secure mailbox (Mailbox Service) for communicating with other community members and related technology systems which may require a nominal fee to setup but not mandatory;

2. The community portal (Connect Service) where everyone meets and connects with each other and opportunities;

3. A digital wallet (Account Service) which holds the community standard currency (Lumi) and any other currencies provided through local partnerships.

4. A transactional tool (Transact Service) which delivers a local currency transactional experience in using the Lumi. 


Joining the community and participating connects you to others and to opportunities. You become part of the collective voice of change for the good of all humanity.

You unlock the potential in you to be part of the collective solution to eradicate financial exclusion and generational poverty for the global human family through empowerment to participate in the real economy.




Why is Connect important?

Swifin is focussed on the use of technology to eradicate the financial exclusion problem which affects over 1.7 Billion people globally and causes the transfer of poverty from one generation to another for millions of people – it is a global crisis.  

To solve this requires collaboration on a global scale. Today, Connect is one of the largest financial inclusion communities in the world with members in over 192 Countries committed to the use of a common standard for value exchange and empowerment of all to participate in the real economy using the African Kingdoms Lumi (AKL). 

Why is there so much excitement about Lumi in Africa and the African Diaspora?

Within continental Africa there are 5 Economic regions. The African Diaspora forms the sixth Economic region known as the Economic Community of the African Diaspora (ECO-6). The Lumi is the Currency for ECO-6 which was created to drive inter-regional trade and support the over 40 continental African Currencies used in 54 Countries which are an impediment to seamless trade across the continent. 

Why should I join Connect?

There are a number reasons why you should join Connect.

1. Eradication of financial exclusion requires collaboration on a global scale. When you join Connect you will be adding your voice to the voice of change for the good of all humanity.

2. The community is focussed on tackling financial exclusion problem and poverty eradication within Continental Africa and Sixth Economic Community of the African Diaspora (ECO-6) through Economic empowerment. 

3. You will need a Connect Profile Link to access other community services including Swifin Account to receive Lumi and the Transact Service for local currency experience in using Lumi. 

4. Connect is the meeting place for Individuals, Businesses, States and Kingdoms and brings stakeholders working together to fight financial exclusion and poverty. 

5. Connect It is the hub for community support, knowledge sharing, training and development, marketplace and much more. 

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