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With the African Kingdoms Lumi (AKL) as a closed Community digital currency, Swifin is powering the  largest community for inclusive value exchange and driving impactful financial inclusion to millions of homes.

Post share Earn

The Connect Community is the place for member to meet, learn, post and share content about business ideas, products, services or simply have fun. With the Connect community  you can bring your vision alive.

Business Portal

The Connect Community brings Individuals, Businesses,  Communities and States into a single transactions ecosystem that connects individuals and businesses to opportunities on a global scale.

Swifin Mailbox

Our systems deliver millions of critical transaction message everyday. We have built on this expertise  to implement one of the most secure and accessible web mail services to drive member communication.

Swifin Connect

The Connect Community is one the world’s largest community for inclusive value exchange.  Bringing impactful access to millions around the world and leading equitable participation in the new digital economy.

Swifin Transact

The Transact Service was designed and implemented for the ECO-6 Lumi  to deliver a local currency experience without any conversion and to drive trade and instant value exchange between members.

Financial Technology

Our digital transaction designs and infrastructure has the capacity to power central banking systems and national digital currencies with unmatched distribution capability and scale.

Online Shop

By powering one of the world’s largest communities for inlusive value exchange, Swifin Connect provides the perfect ecosystem for accessible online shopping for many who would otherwise be excluded.

Cost Effective

Billions of people around the world are excluded on grounds of affordability. With technology we can reach this segment of the global human family and serve them with dignity.  That’s why registration is free for all.

Social Income

Driving access to financial inclusion for all requires reach on an unprecedented scale. This can be expensive. That’s why we created one of the most robust community based social income models which rewards participation for all.

Swifin Courses

Swifin Courses are designed to inform and empower all community members to participate in the knowledge sharing economy.  Members can access a wide range of course to sharpen their skills or engage as instructors.

Swifin ID

Having a unique identity within a global open ecosystem of individuals, businesses and States is the starting point for a personalised experience within the global financial inclusion community with potential to access other digital services.

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