Swifin was born out a desire to make everyone part of a global real time payments exchange

Our Missions

Provide a global real time payments exchange for all

Individuals, Businesses and Government departments and international aid agencies looking to deliver aid direct to the point of need all require real time payments to just work – and be accessible and affordable for all.

Our open Payments exchange is designed to do that.

Robust enough to power national payments, addressing the digital financial transaction needs of big businesses and multinationals but simple enough to work even for the most remotely located around the globe.

And taking Banking services to the people to reach the last mile and impact lives.

Today, Partners from around the world use the Swifin Open Exchange to deliver Agency Banking Services and real time payments for customers at home and in the diaspora.

International aid agencies use Swifin for cost effective delivery of aid direct to the point of need and in some cases cutting wastage and costs by up to 90%.

Our History

Swifin is a Sedel Capital LLP Service, created as a model for taking banking services to the people in every community and to serve the 2.5 Billion unbanked around the world.

  • APRIL 2009

    Sedel Capital LLP was incorporated in England Wales with registration number OC344617. Initial focus was to leverage technology to improve access to communication services for all.

  • JANUARY 2011

    Sedel implemented a global voice activated switch for sharing call credit code named iWinCall which worked across all mobile networks.

  • MAY 2012

    Work started to leverage the switching of call credit to switching of electronic money and the iWinPay service was born which worked across all mobile networks.

  • 20-12 - 2015

    Further refinement for scale and to leverage the emerging cloud technology to create a global scalable and cost effective open payments exchange.

  • JULY 2015

    Sedel Capital LLP sought and obtained permission to register with the FCA as a Small Electronic Money Institution

  • DECEMBER 2015

    Established a subsidiary in Uganda to work with Ecobank to start its global rollout plans and expansion across Africa

  • OCTOBER 2018

    Launched GBPX, the global digital currency which powers cost effective international payments across the exchange. GBPX is linked to GBP and convertible to local currencies in real time subject to service availability.


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