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Swifin Mailbox for Secure Email

We implement Community ecosystems that enable members to access more opportunities, communicate securely and scale globally. The Swifin Mailbox service is about empowering community members to communicate securely without missing vital messages.

Swifin Connect for inclusive access

We implement technology which powers dynamic communities – bringing people and businesses together into a vibrant ecosystem where mutual exchange for goods and services can take place for all in a manner that  drives financial inclusion and equitable access to opportunities.

Swifin Account for value exchange

Many advanced economies are planning to introduce CBDCs. We have been working on these for decades and have designs to power digital transformation of nations and real time access for every household. The ECO-6 Lumi is distributed to millions of members with a Swifin Account globally.

Swifin Transact for local experience

Our technology infrastructure and digitisation solutions power global communities and deliver inclusive value exchange to millions accross diverse communities with local currency experience whereever members are and they exchange goods and services in Lumi.

Swifin Docs for accessible documents

With a razor sharp focus on inclusive access for all, our community members are located all over the world and includes those in the rural communities as well as city duellers. Swifin Docs ensures instant access to vital information for all members. This enables scalable traning and self service access.

Swifin Courses for Instructors and Learners

Relevant training and development is vital for any growth. Effective knowledge sharing in the mordern economy is a key ingredient for success. Our digital training tools are world class but accessible to all to learn, instruct and to empower a generation to build the future.

Swifin Support for community help

Accessible Knowlegge sharing and training are vital to drive impactful inclusion. Members may need help from time to time as they exapnd their own knowledge and understanding to the level needed to help other community members. The global support team is there to assist when needed.

Swifin shop for community trade

Driving financial inclusion to unprecedented levels opens up a new world of opportunities . With equitable access to real-time value exchange using a common community standard, the inclusive community becomes a global marketplace with opportunities for trade to thrive.

We are using technology today to address some of the greatest challenges our time.

Challenges such as  financial exclusion, poverty and youth unemployment affect over 1.7 billion people worldwide. 

This has caught the attension of millions of people. Watch the video below and add your voice to the global movement of change for the good of humanity the world over.

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