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Transforming lives through financial inclusion

“ I love being at Level39. It’s buzzing. It has a lot of energy. The exchange of experiences and information amongst the companies here is enriching. It’s a great platform for us to grow and develop, but also to be known and seen. ” Jocelyn Braun co-founder, AinFin Ltd

Ainfin launched its Swifin platform in Uganda in 2016 aiming to reach up to a million people in the first year. A network of agents throughout Uganda ensures that even the remotest communities can now access financial services. The system works for local people, but also helps deliver value for companies looking for more efficient distribution of their goods. Ultimately, AinFin wants to create a global digital village where individuals, businesses, multinationals and development agencies can all interact and deliver accessible financial services to everyone. Linus and Jocelyn, the co-founders, both come from emerging markets and are familiar with the problems people face when unable to access traditional financial services. The company’s commitment to sustainable investment in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals has also been recognised, with Jocelyn invited to speak alongside former US Vice-President Al Gore at the Impact Summit Europe in the Netherlands in March 2017. Find out about Providing Solutions to Billion Dollar Questions in Level39’s 4 Years Report online Technical artwork Level39

“ We’re all about innovation – using technology to shake out the financial services industry. We aim to bring about positive collaborative change that creates value for everyone. We know that the technology we are offering can reach millions of lives, and transform those lives in our time. That’s what drives us. ” Linus Etube, co-founder of AinFin, a company reaching out from Level39 to the two billion unbanked people around the world.