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The payments cake is growing…

By 24th October 2016 No Comments

We want to offer you a slice!

It is true. The payment cake is undoubtedly growing. In fact so much so that non-cash payments have grown 10.1% globally this year according to the World Payments Report… And this is the first time in history this report has ever hit double figures.

Through our product ‘Swifin’, we want to offer you a slice of the growing cashless payments cake… At AinFin our target is to use our product to work with banks, not against them as we use our simple but powerful financial technology tool to help them gain access to new revenue sources and potential clients that they might otherwise never have access to. These potential clients can be from anywhere in the world and can transact at any time.

With our product ‘Swifin’, you do not have to have a bank account to engage in the financial world and transact digitally with others in the global economy. As of 2015 a world bank report stated that 2 billion adults around the globe still remain unbanked. With digital payment methods growing, and the unbanked population still so large, we believe ‘Swifin’ can positively utilise this correlation make a real impact on the market, both emerging and developed.

‘Swifin’ has the potential to provide access to financial services, for all. Access to financial services can serve as a bridge out of poverty and whether individuals are banked or unbanked, we provide the tool necessary for those to access a new, thriving global cash-less ecosystem.