About us

Swifin is driven by the desire to bring the unbanked population onto the digital grid as a way to access financial services.

Based on leading edge Core Banking Technology, Swifin enables clients to receive payments from third parties, manage their finances and execute digital payment transactions with merchants and individuals in real-time. The dream became a reality with a soft launch in November 2016 in Uganda with EcoBank as its strategic business partner. 

Customers with Swifin accounts in the United Kingdom and remittance customers from anywhere around the world can send funds via card or bank transfer within minutes via Swifin to Uganda and Cameroon customers.

Our partnerships

In Cameroon, our partner Sunex Finance is creating a strong foothold in providing an alternative and more efficient mobile banking solution for the unbanked.

Swifin is young, but has already assisted UN World Food Programme in  cash disbursement in an emergency response program and with BRAC in its Ultra Poor Graduation initiative.

Swifin will be rolled out in Tanzania in 2018 as part of a development project supported by the Danish International Development Agency, helping deliver solar packs to rural Tanzania and helping promote entrepreneurship amongst women groups.

UN Social Development Goals

Ainfin aligns with at least four of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

We believe that access to financial services allows more opportunity to increase income to sustain livelihoods. The cost of simple transactions are reduced and allow poor households to channel these savings towards more use to support living.

Economic growth through production activities combined with greater access to liquidity and financial services are a powerful driving force for promoting economic development of communities.

Swifin technology provides equal access to banking services to the poor as well as the rich. This access improves overall earning abilities of the poor, saving them time and money in accessing cash, and reducing the risk of loss through robbery.

Improving liquidity in communities allow them to improve trade with each other, which improves the overall economic well being of the communities. Swifin also opens the individuals to a bigger market through eCommerce, an aspect that is up to now reserved for the banked.